How do I buy tickets?

We love that you are interested in our show!​ We are busy germinating our next experience and will be announcing information about new dates by the end of 2018.

Where is the show?

Orange County, we are so excited to explore your parks and gardens and are looking for a new patch of grass to call home.

Will visitors of all ages enjoy BLOOM?

Absolutely. We are curating an experience that you will be able to bring your children or your grandparents to - and everyone in between!

How long should I plan on being there?

You will have the opportunity to explore BLOOM at your leisure. We expect that most people will share a few hours of their time with us. We want you to move at your own pace and timed entry is to ensure that we don't develop lines.

Can I leave and come back?

We will not be able to allow reentry to the experience, ​so we recommend getting tickets within an hour of any special activities you may be interested in on our schedule.

I am allergic to flowers! What should I prepare for?

We are not using that many real flowers (as beautiful as they are, they don’t usually come human-sized and are so temporal we have a opted for paper, fabric, wood and other materials to create our installations) so you should be a-ok!

Will there be food?​

We will have some super tasty food trucks stopping by throughout the event. While no food will be allowed in the ticketed section, we are planning a spectacular, unique picnic area for you to enjoy just outside our front entrance. You are welcome to bring outside food into this picnic area. Water is allowed inside - hydration is important! Please note: the park has a strict ‘No Alcohol’ policy.

Is photography allowed?

Not only allowed, but encouraged! We do not allow tripods, but you're welcome to bring your camera (be it smartphone or DSLR or mirrorless or etc) for personal use.

What should I wear?​


Sunblock and a smile! This event is entirely outside ​on (often uneven) grass, so please consider that when choosing your wardrobe. ​There will be a few installations that require shoes to be removed, but we do otherwise ask you to wear sandals or shoes throughout the event for your safety.

Are tickets refundable?


Due to our limited capacity and finite run, tickets are not refundable. This event is outdoors (rain or shine!) so please plan accordingly.

What if I'm running late?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes early. Visitors who arrive 30 minutes or more after their scheduled time may forfeit their tickets, based on capacity when they arrive.

Will I be able to purchase a flower crown at the event?​

If you would like to put some flowers in your hair (and we recommend that you do!), we will have pre-ordered fresh flower crowns for sale when tickets are live.

Are dogs allowed?

We love dogs! (In fact, we have a few fur babies ourselves...) BUT for the comfort of all guests and the integrity of the installations, we can only allow certified service animals into our event.

Can I bring my stroller?


We understand that families usually have to travel with a lot of supplies and have a designated Stroller Parking area for your convenience.

Are you still looking for artists in Orange County?

Absolutely! If you would like to be considered for upcoming shows, please email info@bloomartshow.com.

Do you consider sponsorship?

We are always looking for partnerships with companies or individuals that share our mission.

What do I do for press inquires?

For more information on our show and press passes to our event, please email info@bloomartshow.com.